Does your playing style ever cramp you?

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Thread: Does your playing style ever cramp you?

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    Does your playing style ever cramp you?

    Ever find your rooted playing style causes you problems when trying to learning new songs? I did today. My roots are very much in thrash metal and it's drivatives when it comes to playing. After listening to Slaves to the Grind I decided to have a go at learning Monkey Business, which isn't that hard a piece, yet I found myself stumbling quite a bit. So, just for a change I thought I'd have a go at Blessings Upon the Throne of Tyranny by Dimmu Borgir, which is considerably more complex. Yet I found myself having less issues with the Dimmu track. Obviously I need to try some mroe diverse stuff to stop me having these problems again. Anyone else ever have this problem?

    For anyone not familar with the tracks:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Skid Row - Monkey Business[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Dimmu Borgir - Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny[/VIDEO]
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    I, for the LIFE of me, can't get into really "Groove" songs like old ZZ Top (Pardon Miasma and I were discussing this in chat room once [Cheap Sunglasses was the example]). My hands are so used to doing really tight, controller riffs so for something you kind of let your hands do on their own is too different.

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    Dude, I have this problem all the time...

    The worst is when I try and play songs from a fake-book, and no matter how hard I do it, it still comes out like 'screwed-up-metal-fusion' rather than serious jazz playing. Trying to learn 'Rational Gaze' the day before last screwed me up a bit as well...
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    I like to think I have pretty good technique.... then I try sweep picking. Eh, not my strong suit

    I feel like I can alternate pick and legato the way I want, but I just cannot do the Yngwie sweeps, and every time I hear Michael Romeo or John petrucci pull off not just one but like 15 in a row I just want to punch a hole in their guitar

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    I've always been something who plays as many styles as I can get my hands on, I do as much fingerpicking acoustic as I do metal rhythm, so overall I have a pretty good base to work from. However there are things which trip me up.

    My main place where I get it is in the EofE stuff, because the other guitarist is someone that ONLY plays metal, and therefore some of the stuff that he comes out with really doesn't suit the way I play, so it can take me weeks to get one vaguely okay riff down, and yet the parts with mad time signature changes or the weirdest stacatto rhythms on the planet are a doddle to me.

    I think its all part of the fun though, its good to play as many different styles as you can, so that if the mood takes you, these sections can become part of, or influence your songs.

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    I think it happens to everyone. At this point in my life, I'm virtually incapable of playing any style except my own weird little fusion blend, so it's a laugher whenever I try to play outside my comfort zone.

    However, I do find that I have an easier time transferring over to different styles when my chops are at their best. For some reason, the fingers just find it easier to go to the right places, even if it's in a way they've never done before.

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    Nope. There are things that I suck at doing, of course. Like, I'm just not good at sweep picking (although I can do it to some degree now). But what I can't do (or what I can't do well) has nothing to do with my "style."

    Stylistically, I've gone through so many phases that my "style" is an amalgamum of a ton of different styles. Everything I write sounds different, but still sounds like me.

    When I first started learning guitar, I was really into alternative rock, classic rock, and hardcore punk, but I started learning jazz guitar from a jazz guitarist I knew. I only took those lessons for about 6 months, then quit. I really got into classical guitar and taught myself a ton of classical songs on the guitar (doing a ton of finger picking at that time), while playing in a punk/hardcore style band. Then I got heavily into industrial metal, which was the band I was playing in, while on the side I was messing around with a pop rock band and getting back into jazz guitar. Then I was in a post-hardcore band and spent time in an acoustic duo with another guy who was into folk and acoustic alternative rock. Then I was in an alternative metal band and two cover bands. From then on out, I was in 2 thrash metal bands, a power metal/thrash/death metal band (yeah, it was weird), and for the past almost 3 years, I've been in my current band which is like a mix of death metal, thrash, alternative, industrial, black metal, progressive, grindcore, and a bunch more.

    During practice, me and the drummer oftentimes screw around in: jazz fusion, funk, 1980s hair metal, folk, classic rock, soft rock, latin salsa, southern rock, and a bunch of other styles. It's kind of the reason why I can't play in bands with people who aren't open-minded in regards to musical styles. On the side, I sometimes just write songs at home that are as far away from music I play in my band as possible (about a month ago I wrote and recorded a soft rock song with a kind of funk feel to it and a jazzy acoustic solo that eventually goes into an Irish rock section). I utilize most of the old techniques from before in my current band (such as the finger picking I got from classical guitar used in one of our songs).

    So, no... my playing style has never cramped me before.
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    I have this as a really big problem, my styles are extremely Fear Factory/Divine Heresy based with a little Meshuggah and Whitechapel threw in. If I try to play anything other than something like this, my hands just go 'WTF?!' and fail. I tried learning some 'Bury Your Dead' the other day, and some Atreyu (to keep the missus happy) and it just wasn't happening, I ended up putting my own twist on it to make it work.


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