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Thread: Triplet picking question.

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    Triplet picking question.

    I've always played triplets picking in the set of 3's = up,down,up or down,up,down and alteranting them. If i was playing 4 sets it would be d,u,d u,d,u d,u,d u,d,u! Anyone else do this? The guitarist Im jamming with right now plays them in a constant up down motion but not hitting the string on the last up, like down up down then an up but missing the string. Its really hard for me to move from string to string since sometimes I'll be one the upstroke or the down depending on how many triplets I've done and where I've moved. Im working on adapting to his technique but old habits suck. Just wondering if anyone else does this or tried switching their technique?

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    I alternate pick triplets d-u-d-u-d-u etc. Just practice more. Use a metronome, start slow, the speed will come.

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    It depends really, sometimes I play DUD, DUD, DUD. When I play faster, I tend to down DUD, UDU, DUD. I feel more comfortable playing constant DUD's, but sometimes it's just not possible. If I'm string skipping from say, 7th to 6th, I always try to use, DUD, but if going from 6th to 7th, I use UDU. It's all just about what's comfortable.


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    Are you talking triplets as in 'gallops'? I.e. Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth?

    Triplets (slower than gallops) I play DUD UDU DUD, but for gallops I usually do DUD DUD DUD cuz its a more percussive attack to it.

    Come to think of it, I think I play both as DUD DUD DUD I don't really think about it, I just do it.

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    There's two schools of thought on this.

    1.) Alternate pick everything. It locks your picking hand into a repetitive motion, and helps you hold a tighter, more machine-gun-like groove.

    2.) "economy picking." if you're playing three note per string scales, then use your last downstroke on the string (d-u-D) to "cross" to the next string, and continue through as the first downbeat of the next string.

    I used to economy pick, but at the suggestion of a guitar teacher I studied under in college, gave strict alternate a try again, under the rationale that it probably doesn't hurt to know both, since they both have different feels to them and options are good. These days, while my picking is easily my weakest link as a player, I do mostly alternate picking. For a whole slew of reasons I won't get into the technicalities of unless I have to (and if then when I have more time), I think it's the most rhythmically precise, even way to pick notes.
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    For the three-eighth-note galloping you hear in so many metal songs, I do DUD-DUD-DUD. It helps lock me into the tempo and keep it consistent. I tend to alternate pick everything else, although when I get lazy I notice I start to economy pick more and as a result get less rhythmically accurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Regor View Post
    Are you talking triplets as in 'gallops'? I.e. Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth?
    I was wondering that, too. There's a big difference. I had to constantly correct the members of my last band who kept calling sets of three 16th notes and a 16th rest triplets.

    Anyway, for gallops, I'd almost always use a DUD DUD pattern. UDU doesn't sound quite right. For triplets, I'd generally maintain a consistent DUDUDUDUDUDU, though either way could work depending on which sound fits what you're doing. The easiest way I've found to get around skipping strings is to not think about the fact that you're switching strings. I've found that there are picking patterns I can do effortlessly when I'm not thinking about it and just doing it that become much more difficult when I actually look at and think about what I'm doing. That might not work for everyone, though.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I was talking about as fast as you can go gallops like schaffer. The problem with the dud pause udu pause is it sucks going to the next string being on the upstroke. Its much easier to always start any string of notes on the downstroke for me.

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