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Thread: That pesky major third revisited...

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    That pesky major third revisited...

    Following on from Noodles' thread on fourths tuning, has anyone else tried tackling that pesky major third between the second and third strings by just moving it?
    I tried this before when I was experimenting with DGCFADG tuning, and liked a lot of the possibilites, but ended up altering it to DGCFBbDG to save on mental strain when swopping between that guitar and my regular Bb tuned seven. Just for shits and giggles (and inspired by a Hiss of Atrocities interview) today though, I tried tuning the third string in my regular Bb standard tuning down to F, so rather than Eb tuning with a low Bb, I've got Bb tuning with a high Eb.
    It's not something I can realistically imagine switching to full time, as I'm so used to the regular placing of the major third, but it's an interesting rut-buster.

    One of the cool parts is being able to add the notes you'd usually use to extend runs via tapping without having to involve the right hand fingers at all...

    If we take the six-note major cell Rusty Cooley demonstrated in that other vid Noodles posted recently...


    ...the obvious way to extend it would be to tap the high A on the 17th fret of the E string, but if we try the same thing in the altered seven-string tuning...

    B----5-7-9---------------------------------------------- can just tag it onto the extra string!

    The same concept works really well with the regular five-string sweeps we all use too.

    Anyone else tried this?

    On a semi-related note, one of the main reasons I want an eight is to be able to do six-note licks like this over four octaves...
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    good post. thx

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    Interestingly, I just tuned my third string back up after spending all of yesterday and today's practice sessions with it dropped, and found that by forcing me to focus on the middle five strings rather than the top five it's inspired a whole new set of ideas that I probably wouldn't have come up with that work equally well trasposed into standard seven-string tuning... Wierd, but very cool...

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