Do you have a teacher? Don't come in sick!

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Thread: Do you have a teacher? Don't come in sick!

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    Do you have a teacher? Don't come in sick!

    This one may hit home for a few of our teachers/students across the forum.

    I teach guitar. Enough where I could probably do it full time, but choose to keep a part time job as well - Just in case a lot of students quit at once.

    Long story short: Cold/Flu season is coming up. I've had 2 students come in today coughing with snot dripping from their nose.

    If you're sick - don't come to your lesson. Call your teacher to tell them, of course, but just take the makeup lesson once you feel better. It's way easier for a teacher to make up a few lessons with one person than have to make up 30-40 because some kid got them sick.

    I realize this is pretty ranty, but still. Discuss.

    To mods: Not entirely sure where this one would go. Sorry if it's in the wrong place.
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    I see it as an unavoidable part of the teaching gig.

    Isn't it true that people are most contagious just before they manifest their cold & flu symptoms anyway?

    If it's any consolation when I started teaching 20 years ago I'd catch a cough or cold or flu every other month or so, but you can only catch each virus once and then your immune system has anti-bodies for it. Since those early years I hardly ever catch cold/flu bugs at all.

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