How would everyone go about picking this?

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Thread: How would everyone go about picking this?

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    How would everyone go about picking this?

    I've just been messing around with a John McLaughlin lesson from an old issue of Guitar Techniques, and ended up having quite a bit of fun with this little arpeggio etude which has some pretty cool Mahavishnu-style chord voicings and shifting time signatures.

    I was just curious to see how everyone else would pick this in order to handle the changing metres. As there were no picking directions than a suggestion that alternate picking would be best, I've tabbed it out and added my own preferred directions above. Personally I find it easiest with Al DiMeola-style crosspicking, where you occasionally mix a down-down-up or up-up-down motion in with regular alternate picking, but that's just because I've worked a lot at that technique, so it's quite natural for me now.

    How would everyone else tackle this part? Hybrid picking? Straight alternate?
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    Straight and strict alternate. But my opinion might be moot as that's all I'm proficient at.
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