Before there were instructional vids (probably)...

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Thread: Before there were instructional vids (probably)...

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    Before there were instructional vids (probably)...

    For teh metalz....there was THIS

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Metal Method 1983 Complete Course[/VIDEO]

    And if you actually used this version of his course. You're probably as old as dirt.

    Doug's really come a long way since then. Although some say that his Complete Course has gotten much easier with the later revisions. Maybe I'll do a review of the '92 and '07 versions one of these days.

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    Great Odin's Raven, that tone is atrocious.

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    Pretty neat find, dude. I love how his notation is musically horrendous, and that his first installment is on "Metal Gear." You know, givin' the kids the golden ticket into the club.

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    So true.

    When I was young, I waned the Kramer, and the Marshall, so that I could get the women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris
    So true.

    When I was young, I waned the Kramer, and the Marshall, so that I could get the women.
    Who didn't think like that?
    The only proof he needed for the existance of God was music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nights_Blood View Post
    Great Odin's Raven, that tone is atrocious.
    I'm pretty sure his signal path was something like: gtr->distortion pedal->gorilla amp->cheap mic->tascam portastudio

    Back then nobody cared about production. Thats what getting a record deal was for. To have a producer and engineer worry about shit like that. You just had to worry about Kramer+Marshall=Women

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    When he hits the open A power chord, it sounds like the intro to "Owner of a Lonely Heart," haha.
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    found this in an old magazine i have

    note -carvin

    also note - DOUG MARKS IS REFORMING HIS BAND HAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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