Sucking or not. sucking.

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Thread: Sucking or not. sucking.

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    Sucking or not. sucking.

    Ever notice that you suck the most when you're trying the most to not suck? Being overly self-conscious sucks.
    Stage fright anybody?

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    Yeah, had this fucker last night when I was at practice! Just me and the drummer, one little run I was trying to do, and it just wasn't fucking happening! Once I've played through the rest of our tunes though, and played what we had of the song, nailed the run Just relax mate.


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    yeah man i hate it when i know my playing is being directly analysed, like an audition or exam.... im fine noodling to impress on my own but if its literally like 'playing this right is very very important' then i get the shakes. Then nail it coz im awesome (jokes)

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    beer makes mistakes more bearable (but more frequent)

    I watched this Chet Atkins video on pbs the other day and he made a couple of mistakes here and there - If someone as awesomely talented as him can make flubs you shouldn't worry about it so much

    Ive had brain farts and forgot parts of songs before its like when somebody asks you for your phone number and you draw a blank... It happens to everyone. One time When I saw Maiden it happened to Bruce Dickinson - He forgot the words to The Trooper - was funny as hell. He laughed it off and joked about it (You made me forget the words!!) .

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    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    My old band used to cover "Blitzkrieg Bop", with our bassist taking over lead vocals. Well, a few times, at practice, we'd get through the intro, and get to the part where it drops down to drums and the vocals come in, and he forgot the words.

    Y'know, the "Hey, Ho, Let's go!" part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dundundunt View Post
    Ever notice that you suck the most when you're trying the most to not suck? Being overly self-conscious sucks.
    Stage fright anybody?
    I heard a sports psychologist call it "the safety gap" once. The more afraid you are of failing, the more your highest performance level decreases (the difference between your subjective lowest acceptable performance level and the currently highest achievable level being the safety gap). To increase the gap and thus raise your maximum level, relax and let it go.

    He said great athletes hate losing, but are not afraid of it.

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    I get sweaty and make more mistakes :/

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