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Thread: Building a Solid Practice Routine?

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    Building a Solid Practice Routine?

    Hey guys I need some help developing a solid practice routine. In past, because I'm relatively new to playing my chops have always increased exponentially just because thats how it is when you're new and you learn a new technique (IE tapping or whatever) every few months. Anyways, I noticed in the past two years, and this past year specifically, my chops haven't really improved at all. I mean they've improved but not like they have in the past, it kind of feels like I've gone nowhere, if that makes sense at all? I dont really want to call it a plateau because it's not like I haven't improved at all, just marginally

    For this year I've kind of picked a few songs and worked on them intermittently, and that's been my, 'practice' for the year.

    I really want to be able to play something by say...Spawn of Possession by the end of next year. How would I go about building a good practice regiment?

    Is there any book or DVD set I should get? I was thinking of Rock Discipline by Petrucci but that's kind of old now and maybe there's something better out.

    Thanks and I hope that made some sense.

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    I think this post has a lot of merit:

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    Besides Guthrie's books, which are always a pleasure to go through, I'll tell you my routine. This is really boiled down, but it captures a lot, and if you are dedicated, gets you really far.

    Technique - 1 hour
    Learning songs and jamming - 1 hour

    As far as the technique part goes, it's just a warm up of basic chromatics for 10 minutes or so. Then scales and different shapes for 20 minutes. Then whatever technique you are currently working on for the other 1/2 hour. And always with a metronome.

    The way I use a metronome is a sort of slow, medium, hard way. I go through all the exercises at three speeds. A slow one, maybe around 110. A medium one around 120, and a fast one around 130. As you progress faster and faster the slow one should always be super solid, whereas the fast one is usually pretty sloppy. This works great for me, and feels like I'm accomplishing a lot more.

    Then learning songs and jamming is to build a repertoire and put those techniques in action.

    Simple enough.

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