Alright guys, I really need some help. I've really only been playing in earnest for about 4 months now but I'm an exceptionally fast learner. I've been charging into new theory and techniques constantly and have been very happy with most of my progress. Certainly there's a time element towards mastery of any technique, but I'm having some real trouble making any sort of progress with more 'funk' or SRV style fast/16th note strumming. An example I can think up off the top of my head is 'couldn't stand the weather'. The actual notes and chords aren't that complicated, but keeping the strumming at pace, picking out individual strings sometimes and letting certain notes ring out (ie keeping the strumming going for momentum but lifting the pick off the strings for a number of beats) is just something I'm having a hard time with. Part of the problem is I havem't found a very effective way to practice because the dynamics change so much at higher tempos.

Are there any helpful lessons/books/videos anyone can suggest for this? Thanks in advance.