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    Thrash Metal

    Hey guys! I have just fallen deeply into the sub genre of metal called Thrash Metal. As with all genres I fall deeply into I look at tabs from bands within the genre to get an idea of what they play for rythms (I'm mainly focused on rythm guitar).

    In Thrash Metal I can hear and see that thrash bands sound the same and they use the same things when building up songs: power chords, alternate picking, some fast single string picking.

    I am very low on theory because of lack of teatchers in my small village. I only know the pentatonic and blues scale and power chords and alternate picking palm muted.

    My question is what can I do to make more interesting thrash metal than fast palm muting and power chords?

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    Harmonies help, as can mixing in single-note lines. Some good examples:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Forbidden-Parting of the Ways/Infinite‬‏[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Toxik-Think This‬‏[/VIDEO]

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    I could try mix in some of that yes If you or anyone else have other tips it's more than welcome

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    Use google and find some theory lessons. That way it will be more feasible to write good harmony lines. Also, learn to downpick like a motherfucker!

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    Where do you suggest I start with theory?

    And BTW I have some riffs I made out on youtube, maybe you can take a look at them and tell me what you think? Just search my username: ThrashRiffs09 (since I haven't been a member for 1 day i can't post links)

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    Best first post ever.

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