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    Solo help

    I've been playing guitar for a few years now and have recently started trying solos. So far i know the solo from she wolf and the solo from paranoid. My goal is to be able to play the blistering solos that Dave mustaine from megadeth plays.
    So my question to you all is do any of you have any techniques to help me?
    i mean solos of other songs that will help me get better would be great. but if any of you know any techniques, or pattern practices that i should try please let me know.

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    Split solos into licks (= separate phrases) and practice each lick by itself. It's much easier building speed that way compared to learning a whole solo which sort of becomes a really long string of notes.

    Splitting solos into licks will also increase your understanding of music theory and help you build your own lick library to use when improvising and writing your own solos.

    I think I'll go do that myself now!

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    ^So true.

    When you split up the solo into licks, it also helps to identify what it is that you're actually playing. For example, one of the licks may be a pattern from a particular mode or scale within that key. This is when practicing scales starts to pay off because your fingers will make an automatic association between the scale you know and the lick, making it that much easier to master.
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    Do you know the fretboard by heart. Know where every note is on it.. every triad? Do you know some theory as in a major scale and it's progression and all relative modes and intervals? Learn these things if you don't know them. "Lead" will make much sense this way, rather then a mash of rote learning and mimicking....

    In C Major :

    I = C Major = C E G relates to C Ionian (Major) CDEFGABC ------WWHWWWH
    ii = D Minor = D F A relates to D Dorian DEFGABCD---------------WHWWWHW
    iii = E Minor = E G B relates to E Phrygian EFGABCDE-------------HWWWHWW
    IV = F Major = F A C relates to F Lydian FGABCDEF---------------WWWHWWH
    V = G major = G B D relates to G Mixolydian GABCDEFG---------WWHWWHW
    vi = A Minor = A C E relates to a Aeolian (Minor) ABCDEFGA-----WHWWHWW
    vii = B diminished = B D F relates to B Locrian BCDEFGAB--------HWWHWWW


    Here's a basic beginning if you don't already know this stuff. Once you have an intimate ( by heart ) relation with the fretboard. It comes to not thinking about it ( or others lead lines, so much ) but knowing. As mentioned in a post in this thread. You'll figure what another player is doing... rather than learning their lead lines by heart.

    Hope this helps some... and sorry if you know all this already! lol
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    I would look up some Paul Gilbert lesson videos. Really helped me develope my alternate picking and even some sweep picking. Other than that I would also recommend learning a bit of theory maybe, should be easier to figure out solos and improvise.

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