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    Sweeping licks

    I havent been looking at sweep picking for that looking just wondering if anyone can recommend a few patterns scales or even a few basic songs i could look at


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    Do you know how to construct chords, like root, 3rd, 5th intervals and such?

    The way I approach arpeggios is just think of them as chords, and you can improvise shapes on the spot.

    It is also easy to do a major or minor 7th on 3 strings, then just repeat the same thing an octave up. Very easy to see, and a little more interesting than triad sweeps.

    Hope that helps. If not:

    clicky here

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    [VIDEO]http://www.amazon.com/Mel-Bay-Guitar-Arpeggio-Encyclopedia/dp/0786662298]Amazon.com: Mel Bay Guitar Arpeggio Encyclopedia (9780786662296): Andy Martin: Books[/VIDEO]

    Get that. It's about 3/4" thick and is filled with different sweep picking ideas for all the major types of chord constructions.
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    One of the easiest sweep patterns for me to play and one of my favorites, is the maj 7 on the first 4 strings. It's a diagonal pattern so it's not too hard on your fretting hand. Basically to play a DMaj7 sweep you start on the 12 fret of the d string. Then 11th on the g, 10th on the b, and 9 on the e. It's that simple!

    This is a pattern that has really helped me to synchronize my picking and fretting hand with sweeps.

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