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Thread: palm muting and open notes between

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    palm muting and open notes between

    i have always played rock but i would be very interested in playing some metal also. I have always liked the old metallica so right now id like to cover some of their songs. I am concerned about the right way of palm muting in riffs like this one taken from seek and destroy:

    P.M. P.M.-| P.M. P.M.-| P.M.-| P.M.

    P.M.-| P.M.-| P.M.-----|

    im concerned because i dont know what is the right way to alternate palm muting with "normal" notes at this speed... do i have to raise my right hand completely or just move it back on the bridge in a place where the notes are not muted? I'm asking because in solo mode im always on the bridge for muting unplayed strings so it is strange to me to lift my right hand. A friend of mine said i should spot a place on the bridge where i can mute the sixth string while leaving "open" the fifth and so on but im not sure it is the right way.

    if you could provide me a link for a video that explains this it would be great :-) thanks

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    My preference is to unmute completely. My hand tends to bounce off the strings a bit when I'm playing, it's not nailed to the strings or the bridge, so I'll be muting the palm muted notes, and lifting up enough to let the note ring out on the open notes. For the open notes, I also tend to try and mute the higher strings with my fingers on my left hand, and mute the strings below with my fretting hand, to try and make it so that only the correct note comes out.

    It's quite hard to describe without showing it exactly, and it's not the only approach, but it works for me.

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    I'm not really sure if there is a correct way to palm mute vs an incorrect way, based on what you have described. I do not have a video I apologize, but I learned how to plam mute by feeling. What I mean is, I just practiced and messed around until I found what felt right for me, that accomplished the palm mutes that I wanted to acchieve.

    When I palm mute and then switch to an open note in the progression, I believe that I just kind of roll my wrist, or kind of tilt my hand, that way I am not lifting my entire hand off of the strings. By doing that, I am keeping my hand planted over the strings that I am not playing, preventing resonation from occurring when I roll part of my hand off the strings after my plam mutes. Then I can roll my hand right back over the strings again, without losing my original placement of my picking hand.

    Not sure if this helps.

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    so you lift it completely, dont you? and could you describe the other approaches? thanks

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    This is one of those techniques that becomes impossible when you think about it, but is actually quite simple. Stuart described it best when he said you hand has to bounce off the bridge/strings. Watch some Metallica live videos, and you'll see what he's talking about. I never sat down and tried to learn how to do this, since it just sort of developed naturally.
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    I played a lot of Iced Earth in my formative years of guitar playing, so my approach grew from that.

    I'd say my hand is anywhere between off the guitar completely, or at minimum off the string thats being played.

    Here's a video of Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth playing the title track off Dystopia, it's got that pedal note thing going on and if you look closely, you can just about see his hand coming off. You can definitely tell with the sound that the strings are not being muted, and his hand position doesn't get closer to the bridge as he does it, so it's not about muting somewhere different.

    [VIDEO]]Iced Earth - How to Play "Dystopia" Part 1 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Again though, whatever approach sounds best to you and doesn't wreck your hands is the best to use.

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    Palm muting is 5% technique and 95% feel.

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    Good thread. Palm muting is one of those things I spent ages trying to get when I first started out, but that I never ever think about.

    I do the sort of bouncing thing too; I just lift slightly, using the momentum and motion of the down or upstroke to lift my hand up, but not by much.

    If I'm playing something fast and I want to anchor my hand, I lean on the bridge, well back from the sounding point of the strings, but this doesn't work with floating tremolos like Floyd Roses.
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