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Thread: Exotic Scales.

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    Exotic Scales.

    hello all. just wondering on what exotic scales you use or have used in metal.

    ive only encountered a good list of exotic scales in the book monster scales and modes.scales like promethian , pelog , hirijoshi, egyptian and so on...
    might as well add any altered scales..

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    I suggest messing with the Double Harmonic Modes first. It's the set of modes that has Hungarian Minor in it.

    Here is the link on wikipedia. They're listed at the end after the Harmonic Minor Modes.

    Musical mode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I'm assuming you know harmonic minor? It is the absolute first thing to learn after pentatonic and the diatonic modes.
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    Augmented, Diminished, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Egyptian... Stuff like that. "Exotic" is kind of hard to define, though.

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    Any scales with an Augmented 2nd interval ha

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    Theres the Carnatic Ragas, the weirdest ones are in the 7th chakra, Namanarayani is one of the good ones from there, Yagapriya also, the pentatonics are really great, check any of the ascending pentatonics in Northern or Carnatic Ragas, you can modify them also, consider all the modes of Hirajoshi and Pelog, and their inverses, and what is close to them. Consider the triads and diads across 3 octaves. We all know about the repeating 1,2,3,4, and 6 semitones, but how about repeating 5 and 7 semitones across 3 octaves. Consider the obscure symmetric ones, theres not so many symmetrics, ones overlooked alot are r-b2-4-b5-5-7 and r-b3-3-4-b5-6-b7-7, I didnt hear Alan Holdsworth say anything about those. I agree about double harmonic, I put that one above the single harmonic, and I would add also R-b2-b3-3-b6-6-7 and its modes.

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    Mattias Eklundh's website has a cool scales page:

    Freak Guitar - Scales

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    Exotic scales are good for a student who is ready and who wants to get comfortable outside of the box, theres so many, it helps to go through a roster. Whenever I dont want to think I go into scales as a backup, I use a roster, I spend some time on one and then go on to the next, doing every drill in every position, I am always looking forward to the next pattern on the list.

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