Help on developing my transcribing skills

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Thread: Help on developing my transcribing skills

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    Help on developing my transcribing skills

    which at the moment it seems are non existant because i can't even figure out simple riffs. I have been playing by tab most of the time so this has really hurt my ability to figure songs out. Most of the bands i listen to now aren't that well known and don't have tabs so this is the perfect way to get my lazy ass transcribing.
    [VIDEO]]Demiurg - Life is a Coma [HQ] - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    So i'm trying to learn this song and i'm having problems (already) with the first fucking riff. I THINK i know how it's played but something is still off
    Playing in B standard BTW



    and the last part


    If anyone could point me in the right direction
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    so the melody part next is ( i think) :

    all on the D string
    D |--10-9--13-12--10-9--7-9-10-|

    then it goes into the starting riff again

    and the next part is a sort of pedal riff and i can't for the life of me figure it out completely


    as for the solo? i can sort of hear the slower parts but the faster run is practically lost in the mix of the song for me... maybe if i knew the key of it

    anyway that's how i think this song is played up until the solo if anyone with more experience could point out the mistakes, it would be much appreciated

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    do you have spotify? pick one of your friends 1k+ song playlists or make your own. Whatever style, doesn't matter. Frank Sinatra, Vai, Tool whatever.

    hit play, randomize, pick up guitar and just listen. pick a string you think it's on and gliss that guy until you think it's higher or lower (whatever pitch you want to find). Rinse and repeat. Pick a melody, a vocal line, a bass, a gtr, a marimba, anything. Pick it out and try to figure it out. Move onto next song.

    i used to have trouble tuning my guitar.... still don't have a great ear but I passed aural training in college, and that's saying something, right? It just takes time if God didn't give it to you at birth ^_^

    [edit] - things like sight reading and aural training are best improved when you ARE NOT familiar with the song/melody. Reason: it's harder and presumably activates more neurons (neurons are also what give us memory).

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