Left hand practice - better on an acoustic?

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Thread: Left hand practice - better on an acoustic?

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    Left hand practice - better on an acoustic?

    My ring and pinky fingers suck. I've read quite a bit on practicing legato to build strength and dexterity. I'm going to give it a shot.

    I usually sit and noodle with an electric. However, I have a great older Ovation that sits unused for the most part. Do you think I'll benefit more by practicing these left hand techniques on the Ovation? It seems logical, since it will take a bit more strength to execute things properly, but if there's really no difference, I'll stick with the electric.


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    The acoustic will develop more hand strength if it has heavier strings on it.

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    What Matt said, though you may want to build into it by starting some drills on the electric first to build a baseline.
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