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Thread: Changing the way I hold the pick

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    Changing the way I hold the pick

    Man - I'm trying to change the way I hold the pick and am having a heck of a time.

    I've always held the pick with vertical slant. Most "how to hold a pick" video lessons on YT show the player holding the pic slanted forward/down...I hold it slanted back/up.

    I've noticed that as I've tried to focus on greater speed and accuracy, I'm not able to achieve the level of proficiency I'm aiming for. So I look and I try see what I do differently from others that appear to have it down and the way I hold the pick is the primary difference.

    I'm having great difficulty maintaining the new technique as I'm playing through the stuff I know. I doubt there's any advice anyone can give other than to go slow and eventually it'll come.

    Any other tips for changing picking technique? Exercises maybe?

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    I did it a few years back and am very happy I did. Not because my old technique was dumb (well, it looked weird. approaching friedman) but because I now have a much larger arsenal of pick tones and sounds.
    There's no good or simple way, just do it and play. I did a load of picking exercises, 8ths with 16th bursts at all sorts of speeds. things like that.

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    Vernon Reid holds the pick the same way you do, and he seems to be able to get some ridiculous speed going. To me, that angle is a little uncomfortable, but I certainly have my old picking quirks.

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    Here's a guy who used to do it your way, it was hurting his hand, so he switched.

    [VIDEO]]Paul Gilbert Alternate Picking Lesson - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I'm working on it - my picking hand feels like a ham now which I'm sure will improve but some aspects of my playing sound better this way. I seem to be more even and there is less fatigue in my wrist and arm.

    It's the way to go - but it's a bit frustrating to feel like I don't have the precision I need. Patience Programmer...Patience...[zen smiley]

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