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Thread: How to write Power Metal music

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    How to write Power Metal music

    It's this easy:

    How to Write Power Metal Music: 7 steps - wikiHow

    1. Power metal should be epic, this is one of the characteristics that sets it from many other metal genres. However, this does not mean it has to be complex and fast, many power metal songs can be very simple.
    2. A common element of power metal is the fast, intense drumming. You will want a drummer with two bass drums or a double bass pedal, and to use these quite frequently. However some great, epic sounding contrasts can be made by changing to a slow, half time drum beat in certain sections. You will probably find yourself writing songs between 150 and 200 bpm, so you will need a drummer who can keep up.
    3. Guitars are very important. Playing a power chord, then picking the root note palm muted is very common. Use major and minor scales, depending on whether you want your song to be happy or not, however a minor scale song can still sound cheerful and uplifting in sections if you use the right chords. For a pre chorus, going up or down a third can sound very epic, and builds up nicely to the chorus being on the root note. Key changes can sometimes be found in the final choruses of some songs, where the entire chorus is moved up a tone.
    4. Lead Guitar is usually fast and shreddy, minor and harmonic minor scales are great to use, some modes such as phrygian and dorian can also be useful. Guitar harmonies are very common too, with third and octave harmonies being the most common, quartal (fourth) harmonies are not as common. Sweep picking, tapping and fast alternate picking are commonly used for solos, but don't think you can just play fast and people will enjoy it, you need to make your solo melodic too, bends add an extra degree of emotion when used properly.
    5. Vocals and lyrics can make or break a band of this style. The singer MUST BE A TRAINED VOCALIST. Many Power Metal vocalists choose to sing in a high vocal register, but this is not a necessity. Lyrics are generally high fantasy themed (Elves, Dragons, Lord of the rings type things). But again this is not a necessity but it certainly is epic. Also many bands choose to tell stories through their music.
    6. Decide what kind of power metal you will write. Traditional (guitars, drum, bass, and vocals), or maybe folk power metal, European melodic, Thrash-Power Metal, or viking themed. These are not consider to be actual sub-genres, rather "styles" to further distinguish different kinds of power metal.
    7. Tune your guitar down one half step. This is almost always used. Although some bands do use standard tuning.
    8. Many styles of Power Metal use a keyboardist, They may provide symphonic texture, ripping midi leads, choir sounds, or Folk elements.
    "Ripping midi leads"

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    How to write a great power metal song? Don't. And it was sweet.
    Confront and Cry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend 7 Strings of Hate View Post
    How to write a great power metal song? Don't. And it was sweet.
    You just can't write ripping midi leads.


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    Reading this thread as me in 6 easy steps

    1. Open the thread expecting it to be a joke.

    2. Start reading it, confused as to why it doesnt seem to be a joke

    3. Wonder when they will mention dragons. Even a serious guide on power metal has to have dragons. Its just got to. Dragons are to power metal as hos are to rap.

    4. DRAGONS!

    5. Stop reading.

    6. Post about dragons.

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    Ripping midi leads
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    I opened this thread cause I thought it said "white power metal music". I was like WTF!?

    ...carry on folks.
    Hands are the voice...

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    Man that hit mighty close to home??!!

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