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Thread: Fingernails

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    As many of the UK mob will have noticed, I've had the nails on my picking hand quite long for years now, mostly for acoustic fingerstyle, but ended up cutting them right down yesterday when I tore one.

    After playing for a few hours today, I've actually found that it makes certain things, particularly eight-finger stuff and hybrid picking, much easier.

    How long does everyone else wear them, particularly those who alternate between acoustic and electric?
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    I'm a serial fingernail biter, so they've never been long. I tend to play finger style with my fingers rather than nails. The tone is darker, but it makes electric easier and I'm primarily an electric player.

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    i had to cut mine off two days ago, as i tore my index
    fingernail while trying to grab the sliding glass door.
    i had to keep mine well 'groomed' for when i was
    studying classical guitar years ago. there's a book
    by fredrick noad that illustrates how to shape them
    and explains the proper length. i studied for almost
    two years, so shaping my nails became a long running

    you don't have to keep them cut down just try to
    find a happy medium. for example i shaped mine
    so that there was just enough nail extending past
    the meat of my finger tips to produce the desired
    attack, but also kept them short enough to where
    both the nail and finger tip would touch the string.
    keep 'em too long and you end up producing a lot
    of clicking noises and losing a little speed.

    a little hard to see because of the shitty quality
    camera, but my nails here are actually a bit too

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    Wirelessly posted (Shiny New Precious )

    Mine are just long enough to get a nice, crisp attack when I play classical. I personally can't stand long nails and my fingers start to hurt when I type if my nails get too long. Mine are just about as long as Larry's on my right.

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    I keep mine super short, trim them about every 6 days, after that they become annoying and uncomfortable. I don't play classical style, and when I finger pick it's mainly to get a softer, warmer sound anyways.

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    I'm a "controlled" nail-biter. The nails on my left hand are usually chewed-down about as far as I can go and I will sometimes file them if I get a rough edge (I know, probably TMI). On my right hand, I tend to keep them just long enough to catch the strings as I play -- about the same ballpark as Larry, but I do tend to keep them a bid "rounder".

    I've found that if I keep them too long, or too "pointy", I'm more likely to catch them and tear them. So far, I've been able to keep them pretty consistent and decent without resorting to any nail polish or strengthener. The other thing I've found is that clipping is horrendous on my nails, as well as filing off a lot in one session, so I tend to find myself filing my right hand nails every other day, and sometime daily.

    Out of curiosity, how many of you play exclusively fingerstyle -- even on electrics? I've gotten to the point that I feel disconnected playing with a pick -- I don't like like it.

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    I played my first 6 or so months finger style only, as I could get used to it more but I've been a pick player ever since. I've always played finger style as well but it's more of a bonus to my playing rather than what my playing is

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    I'm purely a pick using electric player, and I keep my nails trimmed very short. If they grow for more than a week to 10 days they interfere with my fretting.
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