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Thread: Playing metal fingerstyle

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    Playing metal fingerstyle


    I´ve been doing a lot of research about this topic and didn´t seem to find much info on it.

    So, basically, coming from a classical guitar background and just recently starting to learn electric guitar (death metal mostly), i´ve been wondering if there are any known death metal or thrash metal guitarists that play using their fingers (picking hand obviously). Anyone on this forum maybe? Is the lack of such players an indication that it cant be done without sloppy sound?

    Anyway, i´ve tried playing metal with my nails, and i actually found it rather doable. However, i found some major problems with that style of playing. Mainly, when playing tremolo riffs on low frets (and especially on open low E), there is a strong background high pitched noise, which i suspect is caused by unwanted pinch harmonics when fingertips braze the string before the nail hits it. I tried playing with nails only, but i still get some sort of chippy sound everytime a string is played (when touched by the nail). Any ideas what may be causing this, and if it can be diminished (no such sound with a pick)?

    Thanks to everyone that took their time to read though it all!

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    The only one that I can think of offhand is Rodrigo from Rodrigo Y Gabriela... but he plays clean.
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    I've never heard of anyone playing metal that way. You could develop your own, unique, sound that way.

    As for the pinch harmonic sound, I'm guessing it's from the flesh of your picking finger hitting the string. The reason why it would be more on the open E is that you're probably picking right above a harmonic point for E.

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    Thanks for the asnwers. There are actually quite a few electric guitar players that use fingers (like Mark Knopfler for example), i just couldnt find anyone in the metal genre.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt C View Post
    As for the pinch harmonic sound, I'm guessing it's from the flesh of your picking finger hitting the string. The reason why it would be more on the open E is that you're probably picking right above a harmonic point for E.
    Yes, my thoughts also. I found out that no matter where on the string i pick, at least one of the fingers is above a pinch harmonic point (because some times i have to pick with 4 fingers to achieve the demanded speed, think flamenco style). Is there any way one could reduce the relative volume of these unwanted harmonics by guitar and amp settings?

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    There's "plenty" Rock/Blues/Jazz fingerpickers, but the only other time I remember fingerstyle-metal being discussed was by Nick Comier. Was that here, or at SS.o?

    EDIT: Here's the thread: Anyone play ONLY with their fingers? (metal/shred/etc)

    I fingerpick exclusively too, but that's more because I've never liked playing with a pick, and just feel disconnected when I do.

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    Obligatory Joey Eppard mention:

    [VIDEO]]3 (Three) - Wake Pig Live 2006 (full show) - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]3 - The Word is Born of Flame and The End is Begun - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    He plays a lot of acoustic live, but he also does a lot of electric guitar. The trick is lower gain.

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    Riffing is obviously going to be a problem, as a pick is just hands down (heh) the best way to get that crisp, even, almost mechanical attack and I would imagine palm muting fingerstyle poses a number of problems.

    Soloing though, I could see fingerstyle in conjunction with touchstyle/multi-finger tapping stuff offering a LOT of potential, in more of a shred/fusion context. And if you could build your riffing style around a lot of tapping, then you might be able to make it work.

    Of course, you'd almost have to cut your nails.
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    Thanks for the responses!

    What genre of music do you play, ElRay?

    Quote Originally Posted by eleven59 View Post
    The trick is lower gain.
    So, with lower gain, the unwanted harmonics shouldn´t be pronounced as much?

    I´m sorry for being so misinformed, i am not in the electric guitar scene long. As much as i could tell from various forums, Gain = Distortion?
    If that is the case, is it possible to achieve death-metal-like distortion with lower gain?

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