Does anyone else have trouble playing these sort of riffs?

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Thread: Does anyone else have trouble playing these sort of riffs?

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    Does anyone else have trouble playing these sort of riffs?

    2 notes per string like the intro to TBDM's The Window or half of Cynic's catalog. I attached some examples if this isn't clear

    I can never get these riffs to sound right once I start speeding them up for some reason. My picking hand starts tripping up or I get really tense and have to stop.
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    Do you know what alternate picking is..?
    But seriously. Alternate pick it for like 5 mins straight at different tempos and you'll nail it.

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    Yeah man, I struggle with those too. I can last through patterns of 3 and 4, but 2 is harder. What I did to get through it was take a sweep arpeggio, but play it alt picked single picking, then double, then triple, then quad etc...

    It really helped me

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    I practice double picking licks by playing only the first note of each pair with a really exaggerated downstroke until I get the movement of the lick down. Then I just slow the metronome down and add the upstroke in until I can build the speed back up again.

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