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    simple question

    If the third is semitone lower, or half step lower it makes it a scale\chord minor?



    does this make any sense?

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    im not sure what you mean exactly, but c-d-e-f-g-a-b is the C Major scale. if there is anyone out there more knowledgeable on their theory please jump in, but thats a maj scale dude.

    and the second d-e-f-g-a-b-c is the D Dorian scale, which is KIND of minor.

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    I see what you're getting at, and it makes sense. The third note being a semitone, or half step lower, than a major whole-whole step will imply either a minor scale or mode.

    Taking Plezz's example of C major, the second mode, dorian, contains all of the notes of the C major scale, yet it is a minor mode due to the third being a semitone lower (or whole-half step in progression).

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    Definitely D-Dorian. The difference between D-dorian and Dmin is D-Dorian has a major 6 whereas Dmin has a minor 6.

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