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    lesson plan

    Here in Tennessee there are exactly zero guitar instructors here where I live. Next, over in the big ole city up the mountain a bit there are a few but they are all for the most part acoustic instructors. anyways, the issue I have at hand is I have to learn online. that's awesome...... but I have not found a structured plan, or coarse that will teach me what I want to learn. Metal and shred. There are a metric butt ton of stuff on youtube but how to put it all together is an issue. anyone else have this problem? anyone have any suggestions?, or should I get a banjo and sit on the courthouse steps...?

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    Umm..look at Justin Sandercoe's (Justinguitar.com I think it is)lessons. They are free unless you feel the need to donate, and he is pretty structured with the lessons. I've learned a good bit from him.

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    If you practice slowly and too perfection anything you learn from a mag or YouTube you'll never go wrong. The biggest mistake I ever made consisted over the years was too many insane " project" tunes that were out of reach for me at the time! Learn your craft in smaller more manageable chunks.

    The mark of a musician is what you can play well now!! Not what you've got down half assed or what may come together for you in 6 months!

    Best advice I can give based on my own mistakes!

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    Definitely check out band happy.com, you can get webcam lessons from tons of great guitarists. Some that come to mind are Josh Middleton from Sylosis, David Davidson from Revocation, Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry and a ton of others.

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    Seanbabs on here gives lessons via Skype as well, but last I knew he was booked solid.

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