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Thread: Accidental Songwriting

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    Accidental Songwriting

    I'm certain this happens to everyone at one point, but I'm wondering to what extent. How often do you fuck up a riff or any part of a song you are writing and it sounds good enough to end up in the song? I do this multiple times a song, and I wonder if my songs are more fortunate mistakes rather than deliberate songwriting.

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    Dude, do you have any idea how often that's happened to me?
    I've got quite a few riffs and arrangements that happened either by happenstance or it wouldn't tab out right in GP and I had to fiddle with it. I find one of the biggest inspirations is when I'm writing for another instrument. That puts me in a different space and I usually end up writing some of my best material.

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    Pretty rare for me. I don't make too many mistakes when playing and usually they are me missing a fingering or picking the wrong string by mistake which rarely sounds good.

    Though I wouldn't necessarily call my song writing deliberate. It's rare I sit down and compose something. I usually find my best material just kind of flows out of me in the heat of the moment so to speak. In fact the last 3 or 4 songs I've written 95% of them in maybe one to two minutes more time than the length of the song.

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    Sounds very familiar! Especially when I record, I tend to listen through a bunch of takes I just did, looking for something usable. It's often little mistakes, weird little scales that end up in the songs. Replicating those mistakes is where it can get tough, and can take away some of the flow in the writing process.

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