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    Indian style guitar lessons report

    Hi, I have taken some lessons on Indian style Ragas,
    its great. The first thing Guruji started me on is
    these drum machine drills. He is awesome, I have
    to pay attention and treat him with respect, I have
    to call him Guruji and things like that. You should
    hear how much volume and confidence when he sings the notes
    and claps on the rhythm. He talks poetically sometimes
    as though it was normal conversation. He is a virtuoso
    sitar player and he knows all these ragas and compositions,
    I bring over my guitar and he teaches me from the sitar to
    the guitar.

    I practiced all these different kind of techniques but
    one thing I didnt do was any drum machine drills.
    There's mantras that go along with the rhythms.
    The Indian style training involves singing the notes,
    kind of like Do Re Mi except its Sa Re Ga. Guruji has me
    learning this one Raga that is based on Vachaspati which
    is from the Melodic Modes. Theres also mantras for the
    rhythms, there is this whole system of singing the rhythm
    and the picking patterns. One doesnt sing the melody mantras
    and the rhythm mantras at the same time. This timing thing
    of course is where I have to train, I have to sing these
    mantras and hit the note right on the beat, so I have to
    go back to the beginner level in some ways but because
    I did all this other practice I am getting it together good.

    He told me to get this machine so I bought one:

    Programmable Indian style drum machine:

    [VIDEO]] RADEL Taalmala - Digi 100 Plus Electronic Tabla & Manjira - 2013 Ed. (PDI-AAF): Musical Instruments[/VIDEO]

    One thing I learned from a Sarod player before I started
    these lessons from Guruji is these circular taans.

    This is a circular taan for Raga Bhimpalasi:


    Bhimpalsi is based on Dorian so S=1st, R=2nd, G=b3rd, M=4th, P=5th, D=6th, N=b7th.

    The idea of a circular taan is go through the permutations:

    etc - for a total of 32

    and putting things in like
    PNSG (flourish)
    PNSGR (flourish)
    PNSGRS (flourish)
    PNSGRSN (flourish)

    You dont have to think, its automatic, 100s of drills are automatically
    based off memorizing only that one first line.

    It goes towards metal, its like jazz training or something, it all adds up to metal,
    its another means to the same end. I always like improvising and Indian style vocalists,
    I want to do metal like that. Actually even traditional ragas themselves are heavy metal.

    Have a good one,

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    Ok, 3 things, 1 F--- off, 2 I havent come back to clarify anything on the basis
    that anybody cares, 3 I realized I f---ed up something I said before
    and I dont want to leave it.

    That circular taan spans 2 octaves and I didnt say note that.

    PN lower octave
    SGRS middle octave
    N lower octave
    SGMPNDPMPN middle octave
    SGRS upper octave
    NDPMGRS middle octave
    N lower octave
    S middle octave
    ND lower octave

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    Cool story, bro.
    Making metal every night and day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoorMouseForker View Post
    Ok, 3 things, 1 F--- off
    S= so, R=rar, G=gree, M=mee, P=ping, D=dow, N=nah

    I had to change the actual note names to aid in sounding them out phonetically for visualization purposes to better understand the repeating patterns. My original thought was this would aid me in my quest to learn more of Conway Twitty's back catalogue. Much to my chagrin I only managed to create a down tempo version of the Haarp Machine's last album.

    ping ping dow nah so gree rar ping ping gree dow nah RAR! RAR! ping ping
    Let not the dixie cup mislead you!

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    You should totally learn some Klingon Opera, dude.

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