Josh: How would I go about tuning a guitar to Cello tuning?

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Thread: Josh: How would I go about tuning a guitar to Cello tuning?

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    Josh: How would I go about tuning a guitar to Cello tuning?

    I wanted to "tune" one of the patches on my Variax to cello tuning. Is C-G-D-A for the bottom correct, and what would the B and E get tuned to? E then B?
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    Tune dem shitz to 5ths! ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIF!!!!

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    INAJB (I'm not a Josh, but) C, G, D, A is standard cello tuning, yeah. As that's perfect fifth tuning, you're right, E then B would be your next strings if you extend the principle.

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    Tuning to fifths means you can play super mega power chords.
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    I would do it as F C G D A E becasue IIRC there are 5 string cellos that go one lower and that B is one octave above the normal high B IIRC.

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    From the NS Design FAQ's;

    "How high does the range of the CR-6 cello extend?

    Tuned conventionally, the CR-6 cello extends a full fifth above and below the range of the conventional four-string cello: F-C-G-D-A-E. The low F string can in some cases be tuned down to a low E. For lower range than that, players should consider the Omni Bass or any of NS Design's upright bass models."
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    I always wanted to try 5ths tuning on a guitar - it'd lend itself to 4-note-per-string scale patterns perfectly, for one, and the range would be absurd, especially on a 7. However, finding strings that you could actually tune to that (considering the next note would be a Bb more than an octave below low B on a 7) would be challenging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by child as audience View Post
    The low F string can in some cases be tuned down to a low E.
    Watch out, you just made 'Drop Cjello' the new DJENT tuning.

    I've played around bit with double-drop G tuning on the 7, extending the 5th concept like you guys are talking about.

    ie,1-5 normal
    6E-> D (drop d)
    7B-> G (double drop G)

    It was pretty cool but hindered on 4-string power chords from the 7th string (you end up in super sus2 stretch mode)
    just passing through....

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