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Thread: Reccomend me some music to learn

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    Reccomend me some music to learn

    After getting the Suhr...did i say i got a Suhr?!

    I've been trying to find some music to learn that's in standard tuning.

    Unfortunately i listen to death metal most of the time and this is not something which generally exists in standard E other than Opeth which i am already aware of and can play most of the 'hits' backwards.

    I'm really consider myself shit at guitar for everything other than death metal but i like stuff like Pink Floyd so something to ease me into another style of playing (something easy!) would be appreciated.


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    Most of the nwobhm stuff is in standard - Maiden, Priest etc.

    There's also the song that everyone should learn:

    [VIDEO]]Dio - Holy Diver (HQ) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    In terms of possibly-not-metal; you've got a tremolo, so I'd suggest pretty much the entire back catalogue of Richie Blackmore. These two in particular though:

    [VIDEO]]Rainbow - Stargazer HD - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Deep Purple - Highway Star (HQ) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Stargazer isn't as hard as it sounds - I can play the solo at about 95% on my pos chinese strat, so it should sound monstrous on a Suhr. Also a good excuse to use the coil-taps, if you've got them.

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    ME: Suhr M5
    MB: Squire Jazz
    Rig: VHT Pittbull + Axe FX II

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    cheers keep them coming

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    If you want to try something that's not metal, give Ween a listen. Their stuff's pretty much all in E standard. Their sound is all over the place, but their guitar player manages to cop all these different styles while still pretty much sticking to pentatonic shapes, so it's all pretty easy to learn. His phrasing is awesome, too.

    [VIDEO]]Ween - Transdermal Celebration [HD] - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Music starts around 1:54 in this one:

    [VIDEO]]Ween-Freedom of '76 Jane Pratt show 1993 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Ween - Pandy Fackler - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    If you dig them, PM me and I'll give you the full rundown.

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    Echo-Joe Satch
    Flying in a blue dream-Satch
    Anything Marco Sfogli
    Dream Theater
    Fives-guthrie govan
    Winds of Plague plays standard and drop d of you like them(anthems of apocalypse is in standard and rips.)
    Coming from a guy who exclusively played drop c for six years.

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    Just off the top of my head these are a few bands I can think of that play in E standard on at least some of their songs.

    Black Sabbath
    Pantera (This is strange though. It's more like halfway between E and Eb standard)
    Cynic (I think)
    Ozzy Osbourne

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    Not 'metal' but still keeps the fingers movin' tuned in standard = Rick Derringer - Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo.

    [VIDEO]]RICK DERRINGER - Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo (1973) - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    Hands are the voice...

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