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Thread: Beginning (again)

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    Beginning (again)

    Okay, I'm 54 and now that I'm retired and have the time I am beginning again on guitar. I've been a metal head since I was 12 and played guitar as a teenager but never got beyond open and barre chords. As an adult I just never had much time for anything but work.
    I bought a copy of Metal Guitar Method by Matthias Young and am really enjoying working my way through it. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of books and DVDs that might be helpful. Thanks. Mad Monk

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    You don't need books dude, there is only one essential rule for metal guitar as far as I am concerned.

    If it's worth picking, it's worth trem picking.

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    I always reccomend John Petrucci's rock discipline, it may be a little advanced, but bear with it. I also just got a book called 'Guitar Aerobics' that I think would be ideal for a beginner.
    Also, IMO, nothing beats real lessons with a real teacher, so they can tell you what you're doing wrong, why its wrong, how to do it right, and why it is right. Good luck, man!

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    Thank Teddy, I just ordered Guitar Aerobics from Amazon. As for Rock Disipline, would you recommend the book, DVD, or both?

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    John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
    Paul Gilbert - Intense Rock, Vol. 1 and 2
    Rusty Cooley - Fret Board Autopsy
    Andy James - Metal Rhythm Guitar in 6 Weeks (6 discs)
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    Hey, welcome.

    I agree about the live teacher thing, and I have plenty more on that and some other recommendations. I'll check in with some of that later...

    I am new here too, and I am 48 years old. I think it's cool that the young guns let us hang out here.

    They are very cool. We older dudes have to be careful to not hold their youth and inexperience against them, however.

    That would be so unfair of us old guys- finely honed and well seasoned men of the world that we are.

    In all seriousness, wait til you hear some of these guys play. HOLY schmidt, some ungodly talented dudes here.

    It's an amazing forum. I have not come across one douche yet, and I have seen plenty of that on other forums. I don't know why, but the people here just rise above all the petty stuff you see on much of the internet.

    There are other guitar forums where guys our age who are more into blues and stuff can tend to act like little boys at recess, I don't get it. Not all of them of course, and not all forums, but it happens.

    Then you hit this metal forum, where you would expect all sorts of mayhem and bloodshed. Instead you have a group of some of the coolest people you could ever want to hang with.

    Hey I love the blues and stuff, don't get me wrong.

    I think what it is is that metal players are not repressed or something. They don't have pent up rage because they let it all out in their music.

    I truly think there is something to this. Headbanging is good therapy. Blues is good for the soul, but headbanging gets it all out in the open and sets you free.

    And that's coming form a lifelong classical player!

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    Hey, I hear ya brother! Thanks for that reply. I've been on other forums and got a dose of the attitude you're talking about. Some thought it was a big joke, a guy my age learning metal guitar, but hey, ya gotta play what you love, right? So many guitarists look down on metal, but hey, we know there's a lot of good things about metal. I've been to a lot of concerts in my life, seen all the bands in their early days that the young guys can only watch videos of and read about, but these are memories of great times to me.
    As for learning, I'm stuck with books and videos. I live in the Southern California desert and taking lessons is really not possible. I think Metal Guitar Method was a very good choice and with my 2-3 hours a day of practice I think I'm making good progress and am really enjoying it. I'm now looking for my next step when I finish it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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    Find other guys to jam with. You pick up so much useful, practical stuff that way.
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