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    Rocksmith 2014

    For those of you using this software, are you playing through PC speakers, or an A/V receiver?

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    I have it through PC so far. Just using my normal speakers.

    I'll be getting it for PS3 and using my surround sound.

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    Speakers on PC, and HDMI straight into the receiver on PS3.
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    I have the original RS on PS3. Is the new one better? I can't justify the $75 for it until I hear more about it. Anyway, I'm just using the TV speakers, since I don't have a surround setup or the cables to connect to my PC. Besides, I just got a PreSonus USB interface to begin recording my own work. I would much rather invest in some studio monitors and an instrument mic at the moment.

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    Miss Fathead got me copy of the new one for my birthday but haven't tried it yet. The features look great and they've really changed things up. You can choose rhythm or lead guitarist path for instance. The riff repeater is supposed to be a lot better and will allow you to control speed. And you can import all the Rocksmith 1 songs for 10 bucks, dlc songs transfer free. Cable from version 1 works with version 2.

    I've been waiting to fire it up because the original co-op experience was less than stellar. Got my drummer friend a copy of 1 and she's been talking a lot of shit and playing it constantly. But we had a hard time on co-op version 1 because she didn't have any play time on her profile so she got 1 note and I got 17. Hopefully the new one will balance better and be more fun. Waiting for her to try it out but Borderlands 2 GOTY has been a distraction.

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    The 2014 has a better riff repeater. In the old one if for example you enter the pre-chorus section to practice in order to move to the next section you had to get back to the menu and choose it and that was kind of annoying. In 2014 version however, they have fixed this issue and now you just go trough sections using the triggers of the joystick. I like the song list better on the old Rocksmith so spending 10$ to import the list to the new one is a good thing. My old one had a bass option that I am really missing in the new 2014 one. Anyway its good fun and the exercise mini games are good. Make sure you play on expert mode and low speed instead real speed and Beginner. Beginner mode only gives you the root notes and can be confusing.

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    I am interested to know how you like this...does it have on screen TAB?

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    I just got this. Using it with HDMI into the TV, and with the audio analog out going into a set of M-Audio AV40s.

    The Riff Repeater is a HUGE benefit. Way better than the original; using it to practice licks at a gradually increasing level of complexity and/or speed is very useful.

    Also, you can definitely still play bass on 2014. I got 99.6% on the bass for "Every Breath You Take" last night

    The bass stuff is also WAY easier to read; I haven't been able to get the muscle memory/reading in my head set up with the various colors yet, so the G and D strings mess me up on guitar.
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