I am self taught and have been recently teaching myself music theory and to correctly do many techniques as well as become more familiar with all of the notes on the fretboard. Jamplay.com, youtube, Barret Tagliarinos fretboard workbook, and other forums and such have given me many different ideas and routines but it just seems like an overwhelming amount of information. Does anyone have an outline for a good 2- 2.5 hour practice routine or any info on how to practice more effectively. I have memorized all of the modes of the 3 nps major scales and seem to have a hard time with phrasing it when I improvise that keeps turning into a "noodling" sound. Any advice is much appreciated. Oh and also I didnʻt know anything about scumbag Tom Hess so I signed up for lessons and did one and realized what utter garbage it was so I sent him an email asking for my money back and he wrote me back and told me to suck it and that he had spent 2-3 hours of his own time coming up with my lessons which was absolutely hilarious.... funny stuff but i am glad to have found this website it seems like a treasure trove of great information.