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    Maniacal's Play Along Lessons

    Hey guys, I am not sure why Maniacal hasn't mentioned these too much, but I got some of the play along lessons that he made, and they are awesome.

    The beginner ones are great for warmups, and the advanced ones are super tough. If you are like me, and you've been getting sick of your practice routine, these are great as you don't have to sit down and think of new things to do, they are contained in the lessons. And you just play along to the GP file!

    They are found here:

    Store |

    I know this sounds spammy but I just found them helpful, and I think some of you that struggle with the same things as me might like them too.

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    I been using it a bit to Sean when I have time to practice I think it's awesome.
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    I'll look into this! Since we stopped doing lessons, life completely got in the way, so I've practiced little to none recently.


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    Yeah, buy a couple of the play along lessons. They are great. The beginner ones are like a perfect 30 min warmup. It is nice having somebody else make a practice routine for you, as it breaks you out a bit.

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    Thanks again for the plug. The play along files are really useful for warming up and maintaining technique. One of the problems I had for a long time was spending too much time on a single technique (mainly alternate picking). I would plan on practicing for 2 hours, and I would spend the entire time working on that one technique.

    Now I use the play alongs to work on technique, this limits the time I spend on technical exercises so I can work on other stuff afterwards. Maintenance of technique and scales/chords/arpeggios whilst learning new songs, ideal.

    The "Super Nerd" level of play alongs will be out at the start of next year. They are fucking hard, I am still struggling to make my way through without any mistakes.
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