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Thread: Tremolo Picking Exercises?

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    Tremolo Picking Exercises?

    Does anyone know of any REALLY good exercises for developing a good tremolo picking technique?

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    The black dahlia murder - miasma.

    That and simple patterns to a metronome.
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    just passing through....

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    Yeah, the porn things not gonna work. I'm left handed and I play guitar right handed. Sorry if that was a little too much information. Also, do you guys mainly trem pick in triplets or sixteenths?

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    I would start with simply picking an open string and perfecting your technique. Playing 16th notes for long periods is a great way to develop a relaxed, efficient technique.
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    At the Gates songs are really good for tremolo picking practice, especially because the two guitarists tracked the rhythms differently. The one guy did lots of triplets, while the other used lots of sixteenth note straight ahead picking. Try running through a couple of the songs one of the ways, and then doing it again the other way, then switching back and forth as you go.
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    Use a metronome and don't practice faster than you can play cleanly. I recently started taking lessons and find myself practicing things painfully slow... it's like weight training for your technique. Each strings thickness is a big part of the equation too. To keep things interesting create your own simple exercizes for your fretboard hand...stuff that sounds cool to you that allows you to focus and concentrate on your picking technique instead of your fretting hand. I always kinda neglected it and now I'm kinda putting my picking through boot camp to catch up developmentally.

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