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Thread: from scale to chord

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    from scale to chord

    Okay so I am new to theory I have been researching and playing using theory for like a week. I know major pentatonic pretty good so I'm gonna base my question off that but my examples will be made up.. sorry if that's confusing.. basically iright now I'm stuck sandwiching scales betwwen 0-0-0 making up riffs with friends and its getting stale.. I wanna start adding chords to replace all those 0. So I know gow chord progression works so say I'm on a e positin scale with echord 5-8 a 5-7... so I can take a 135 progression and make a chord and use that.. I don't really wanna calculate what'd it'd be so let's say a d chord now when I go up to the f# position of the scale would I have to make another 135 progression since the first note of the scale is different or is the progression gonna be the same abdef# throughout all 5 positions of the scale or do I need to change the progression to bdef#a... def#ab.. so on so on

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    I don't entirely follow your question. On the off-chance this is what you're asking, if you're playing a scale, like E major (doesn't matter whether it's the 7 note version (diatonic) or 5 note version (pentatonic), the principle is the same), you have 7 chords that are built from that scale. You can play any note in that scale over any of those 7 chords and it will sound fine. Some will work better than others, but nothing will sound "wrong".

    If you want to move to the second degree of that E major scale, so you're starting on the F#, you can use the same chords, as you haven't changed key.

    You would only need to create new chords if you started playing F# major scale.

    Again, not entirely sure I'm answering your question, but hope that helps.

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