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    Callused fingers

    So we all get calluses on our finger tips but, I always get mine on the right hand side looking down at them in playing position. Basically I'm wondering is it a bad thing to be mainly playing with my fingers tilted towards the pickups. I think it's something I see steve vai doing and hence when I was learning I probably did to help get strong bends. My wrist is relaxed etc... but, I'm wondering is it technically bad practice and should I have a callus across the entirety of my finger tip?

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    I think it varies player by player to some extent - in my case, mine are pretty centered on my fingertips. Years ago the tips were actually a little less callused and the fleshy part tended to be more callused, but I've been consciously trying to play with just the tips of my fingers these last few years as I think it gets you cleaner articulation, and it's probably paid off a little.

    Long story short - I'd worry less about your calluses, per se, and more about your ability to articulate cleanly on the neck of the guitar. If how you fret isn't holding you up any, then you're probably fine.
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