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Thread: Nope lesson

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    Nope lesson

    Hi all, I made a lesson on how to play Nope off the Nope album.

    I then spammed the forum with it, earning a dish out from the big bucket of Nope...

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    Sorry if I broke the rules without realizing, but this is the lessons section right? My post was about a lesson that I took time and trouble to make on material that's particularly difficult. I did it because rather than have all these vids of 'look at how well I can play!!' that get put up, it would be nice to actually help people learn hard material.

    If you let me know how I broke the rules I will avoid doing it again.



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    He conquers who endures. -Persius

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    It's generally frowned upon to post videos/clips of your own stuff right off the bat, because we get so many members showing up here just to spam us with their material. Stick around and participate in the community before posting your own content. Also, you have a better chance of us paying attention to your stuff if we get to know you first anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post

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    ^This. A video in your second post is NOT the way to ingratiate yourself around here.

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    Hey, I understand the need not to get spammed. I appreciate that I haven't contributed here yet, and that was the point. I put an introduction in the new member area then put something I thought would be a contribution to the community up. I'm not selling anything, not trying to show off via the internet, and it wasn't a post promoting my own material. I actually don't HAVE any original material and I don't give guitar lessons anymore, not since I started working in IT years ago. It was a 10 min instructional video breaking down a Dream Theater solo and showing how to play it. I noticed there had been like 5 posts in this sub-forum this month, and thought a lesson on something like that would be welcome and show a positive contribution to the place. If it's not seen like that, fair enough, I'm not going to try to force it on anyone.

    I'm not going to show up, post a vid, then never return either. I've been active on sevenstring for maybe 4-5 years, and was on Ibreathemusic before that site kind of died, since 2002 in fact. I'm here to stay unless the ban hammer gets wielded.

    Like I say, sorry if I breached the etiquette, I genuinely thought I was helping out. That's why I make instructional vids at the moment, because just making vids of yourself playing something is pure narcissism and doesn't benefit anyone. I want to actually have a purpose to my playing and I don't gig or record, so it's nice to give something back to the musical community.

    Hi Shawn and Mike, I'm happy to fit in however it's appropriate here. So if that's post and get to know peeps/the place before posting instructionals or anything that's cool. I'm fairly easy-going as long as I know the rules.

    Andy, I read the rules in the link, and fair enough if you and the guys feel an instructional vid classes as plugging my own material. I don't want to piss people off, like I said, I just want to do stuff that benefits other players.


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    Oh... one other thing... = /7/


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    If the Malmsteen instructional video is how to play I Am A Viking, I'll allow it.

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