Behold my new weekly lesson series, Weekend Wankshop!

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Thread: Behold my new weekly lesson series, Weekend Wankshop!

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    Behold my new weekly lesson series, Weekend Wankshop!

    Hey everyone!
    So I've started a spinoff series to my This Is Why You Suck at Guitar videos! Weekend Wankshop is where you're going to sit down with your ol' Uncle Ben every weekend and learn a lick guaranteed to be hotter than your stepmom's prom night.
    Learn the lick and make a video of yourself playing it, and post to Twitter or Instagram, tag me (@BenEllerGuitars) and hashtag it #weekendwankshop ! And of course please "like" the video and subscribe to my channel. And click on that ad to help me make some money so I can keep making videos!
    Thanks so much for watching, Suckamaniacs. See you next weekend for another luscious lick!

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    "Your mom likes this better too!" Nice touch dude. And thanks for the lesson.

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    Imma check it out now

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    thank you all for watching! stay tuned for a new installment tonight... i hope you all like string-skipping tapped pentatonic madness.

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    always love your lessons Ben very informative, great playing and a nice touch of humor.
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    thanks guys!!! Dig into the riveting 2nd installment of Weekend Wankshop... this one covers an evil string-skipping tapped minor pentatonic lick from the bowels of hell. Enjoy!!

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    Excellent lesson as per usual! I'm trying hard not to be "that" uncle

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    nice one Ben, I really like this series so far. Once you've got about 6 or 7 of these episodes I'm going to play all the licks back to back and pass them off as my own solo

    EDIT: assuming, ya know, I can actually play these licks by the end of it.

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