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Thread: Tab writing mehods ??

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    Tab writing mehods ??

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to better write my own riffs, songs etc. in guitar tablature. Presently I'm doing it manually using pre printed copies of plain tab forms off the internet. Problem is at 12 staffs per page I have to write so small it is difficult to read. Size and clarity of my numbering varies too.
    I've looked into tab software and also tried coping methods from sites like ultimate guitar tabs without much luck or satisfaction. If someone could suggest or let me in on their methods I would be real appreciative.
    I did notice that Troy Grady use to do it in a spiral notebook. Not a bad idea but it would take many pages to write rhythm song sections and solos.

    Thx in advance,
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    Best thing to use is a piece of software called Guitar Pro. It's a tabbing software that also allows midi playback of the tabs so you can play it back and write baselines and other instruments too. It's what I use when I need to tab stuff out for people as it's easy to use, cheap and very effective.
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    I use Tuxguitar, which is a free alternative to Guitar Pro.

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    Many thanks for those quick replies. Checking out both options right Now!!

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    I use 'TabtoolKit' on my iOS devices. No it's not free but it's only like $9 in the app store. Reads GP files.

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    I use Guitar Pro. I couldn 't live my guitar life without it now. I haven't tried any alternatives though.

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    Tried the free software TuxGuitar and got into a lot of computer problems. Had to uninstall a lot of software that it auto loaded or loaded inadvertently.
    Now trying the free (trial) version of guitar pro. Stumbled a lot at first but doing better after reading tutorial info.
    Kinda like learning MS Excel but I'm sure it will become second nature with further use. Anyone know what the cost is for the full version?

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