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Thread: Hand Boiling: Yes or No?

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    Hand Boiling: Yes or No?

    A guitar teacher once told me to put my hands under hot water for a while before playing as a means to (literally) warm up. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, not so much. First, makes the fretting fingertips soft (not good for bending).

    Any thoughts on the matter?

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    This is a silly idea.

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    Boiling water is insane. That's just going to cause you pain.

    However, warm/hot water can be helpful. Allan Holdsworth does this before going on stage every night and says it helps him quite a bit. I've never done it, but I do find after washing my hands with warm water I can go play guitar and I do feel a bit more limber. It won't replace warming up, but it might be a good "pre-warm-up-warm-up", heh.
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    I know Allan Holdsworth puts his hands in warm water before playing instead of warming up on the guitar. But that man is freakishly good. Supposedly the warm water replaces the warm up for Holdsworth, but he said it's to do with not wanting to practice phrases that he might recycle as he prefers true improvisation apparently (don't really understand this as everyone reuses phrases).

    To be honest I don't really see the point of it, you may as well just warm up in the traditional way IMO.

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    Just play for a little while. You'll be plenty warmed up.

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    Boiling your hands is the most metal thing I've ever heard

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    Boiling your hands sounds a bit extreme...

    I sometimes do this (i.e. warm my hands with warm water, not boil them) if my fingers are really cold (e.g. after spending time outside in the winter), as I find it difficult to get my hands warm with a normal warm-up. It doesn't replace the warm-up, as it's still a bad idea to start shredding instantly after it, but it makes a warm-up possible.
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    When I used to play live, just about every time I played and it wasn't summer, the venue and my hands would be freezing. I used to run the warm tap over 'em for a minute or two, prior to warming up. It's not the most ludicrous idea to use warm water (boiling water is another matter, obviously), but that was in fairly unusual circumstances.

    Hopefully your house shouldn't be so cold that you need to do this prior to playing, though. If it is, turn the heating on, son!

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