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Thread: Guitar videos, TABs, album and plans \m/

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    Guitar videos, TABs, album and plans \m/

    Hi guys, I'd like to show you some of my new videos on different guitars.

    I try to show useful stuff so that I'm adding value to you instead of just showing my videos. So I have TABs of some interesting licks for you too

    Video #1 on an Ibanez RGIX-20 FEQM-SBS

    Backing track:

    TAB of the licks of 0:23, 0:27, 0:35, 0:39:

    Video #2 on a '86 ESP M-I Custom:

    Backing track, courtesy of Andy James:

    TAB of the lick between 0:38-0:44:

    Also, I'll soon start a new instructional YouTube series on soloing, here is the intro, I'm working day in and day out on the first few episodes right now.

    I have a guitar blog with some of my detailed lessons, TAB, and other goodies here:
    Instrumental Rock Guitar

    Last but not least, you can listen to the full album stream of my latest album, featuring Andy James, Mattias IA Eklundh, Troy Stetina, Brett Garsed, Mats Haugen of Circus Maximus, and a lot of great musicians:

    I hope that you'll find some of the stuff useful. I'll come back later and post more ideas and licks.

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    I don't know how to feel about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnF View Post
    I don't know how to feel about this.
    Hey Shawn, hopefully you'll feel that it was worth for you to visit this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonas Tamas View Post
    Hey Shawn, hopefully you'll feel that it was worth seeing this thread.
    We generally delete YouTube spam pretty quickly, and you're a new member with five posts, is what Shawn's getting at.

    I'm not deleting it yet because it seems to be shred spam and not djent spam, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of the other mods is less lenient.

    In the meantime, if you want people to check your music out, the best way to do that is to become part of the community and get to know people, so they'll WANT to spend the time figuring out what you're up to musically.
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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    I'm with Drew. I've moved it to a more appropriate section of the site, which, if OP really had looked at the site, he'd have seen was the best place for it. But it's definitely a little more than just 'check out my music!!!', so I reckon it's ok.

    I've a feeling OP won't see this until he next has something to spam. If that's so, I guess we'll respond accordingly. For now, I say we let the chips fall where they may.

    Looking at some of that notation, I am curious how you get 31 notes in a 4/4 bar without getting all Pete Zeldman. But it's a little too spammy for me to check the videos to see how!

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    Hi Drew, I see your point of view. That's why I tried to make a genuine attempt not just coming in and post a random video of me playing, but I have posted TABs as well and shared my lessons page as well. I'm pretty sure that some of the readers will find one or two licks interesting and/or useful.

    Hi Lee, thanks for your fairness and positive attitude and also thanks for moving the post to a more appropriate section.

    I've checked out Pete Zeldman now, haven't heard from him until now

    The above TABs have pretty straightforward pentatonic/minor licks, and sometimes it sounds quite natural to have an odd number of notes in a bar. I'd suggest that just take a look, hopefully you will agree
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    It's not a matter of interpretation. Either there's a 32nd note rest you haven't notated, you're playing 31st notes (which would be Pete Zeldman-like), you're playing a more complex/compound rhythm for that bar than you've notated, or you have a case of 'shreditis' - when people have sequences of notes that begin and end at defined points, but have a rhythmically inaccurate/undetermined phrase between.

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    Has Zeldman actually released any songs/albums? All I can find on him is his youtube channel.

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