Anyone ever make it through any of those old "Method" books

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Thread: Anyone ever make it through any of those old "Method" books

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    Anyone ever make it through any of those old "Method" books

    Not the "Learn Guitar in 6 Weeks" crash courses, but one of the encyclopedia-sized tomes, like Leavitt's "Modern Method for Guitar" or some such deal.

    I've had a bunch of Sunday-starts on page 1 with a few of these, but I always seem to lose momentum by Tuesday.

    Anyone make it through one completely? What was your take away from it? Time well spent, time well wasted, or time you'll never get back?
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    I just got SO bored with the basic practice etudes I didn't bother. Problem is it starts so basic it's untrue, and the music you play through is whack, so it's difficult for anyone other than a beginner to maintain interest.

    Now if there was one that had metal tunes, and another that had jazz fusion tunes, that would do nicely!!

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    Nah, I usually find those books have the right content but don't present it in the right way. They can get far too thorough when you really don't need to spend 5 tunes on a very small aspect of playing. Attention to detail is great in your practicing, but the book should be used to teach and make a point. You don't need 5 tunes to make a point. I don't think I know anyone who's actually made it through a book like that before.
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    Method books, no. Shred and technique books, oh yeah definitely. I keep a couple around at all times when I'm songwriting too. Mainly because if I get stuck in a rut for a couple of days trying to come up with a part, playing some other music like the stuff in those books will usually spark my imagination and get me thinking in different ways which leads to playing/writing something different.

    Sheet music books and technique books are a must around my music room.

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