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Thread: Lefty with Righty Guitar picking problems

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    Lefty with Righty Guitar picking problems

    Hey guys,
    I'm currently trying to build up speed for some metal-rythms (120bpm 32th triplets to be exact) and I'm having a hard time doing so, since my picking hand isn't as coordinated as I want it to be. Since I'm a lefty playing with a righty-guitar I have the fear, that I will not be able to reach this speed.
    I even thought of switching to lefty, since my picking is way cleaner there with the same speed (without practicing at all, just switched my guitar around and tried it ).
    Currently I'm shooting for 120bpm 32th tremolo. I read online that people in my position tend to have big problems with speedpicking.

    Are there any Lefties here that can give some input to this?

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    I'm a lefty playing right handed too. synchronizing my left hand, right hand so I can alternate pick really fast and smooth has always been a headache for me.
    lots of hours with a metronome has gotten me much better.
    Lots of jamming to Yngwie helps too LOL!
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    Learn this:


    By the time you're through it, you'll be in sync

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    Okay, thanks for the suggestions!
    atm my biggest problem is the speed, not really the syncing between left and right hand since the riff I'm practicing has 32th triplets only on 0-0-0, the rest is 16th on 120bpm (even I can get that in sync ). Only this triplets are driving me crazy.

    Okay, I will give Metallica a shot. But first I have to decide if I want to keep on playing righty or switch to lefty instead. I think the switch would be a lot (really a fucking lot) of afford, since I feel like I have to learn to play guitar all over again. And all that for faster picking. I dunno, on the other hand I don't know where my limit will be with my current playing. I read online that some leftys with righthanded-guitars come to a point where they can not improve their picking any further.
    I will be down for a lot of metronome-picking-sessions in the future, no matter what, I just want to switch now instead of feeling bad that I didn't when I'm older and the switch would be impossible to pull off.

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    Just keep at it and things will fall in line with time. I am left-handed and play right-handed, when I started playing again my right hand was a glaring weakness, esp with fast alt picking and such. I wouldn't switch to playing lefty, just keep at it and time and consistency not missing any practice time will bring you up to speed. Slayer's Black Magic is another one I'd throw in there, too.

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    I'm not a lefty playing righty or a lefty at all, but I am a huge fan of Steve Morse and Gary Moore. Both lefties playing righty. Check out Tumeni Notes by the former. Most righties never get anywhere near that standard of alternate picking. When I say most, I mean almost none. Where there's a will, there's a way.

    Way more choice of instruments if you stay righty. And no upcharge for lefty models. Just sayin'.

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    I'm a lefty playing righty and to be honest it's not really a problem, or at least no more than if I was a righty. I think we're in a great position as over time the guitar has become less about right hand fingerpicking etc and more about left hand dexterity, why would anyone waste their good hand on picking?!

    I reckon the guy talking about synch has the right idea, it's rarely technical actual pick speed that's the problem, far more time and synch.

    To test that try looking at your tremolo speed picking, then playing a lick. Which is quicker? If your tremolo is of good speed and time and your lick isn't your issue is synch. If you are roughly the same on both and quite slow then it's a technical deficiency and you should look at your hand and pick angles. Nobody ever really mentions it but sit next to a mirror and watch your hand, it won't be doing what you think it is and you can make major corrections very quickly like that.

    Lastly, you need to really burn stuff in till it's second nature. All too often people try to play quick when the mind/body hasn't got it yet. When I play Yngiwe, DT, Holdsworth, Howe, or any other stuff like that it takes a lot of time just repeating the lines till your muscle memory knows what you want to do. Also remember when you make a mistake practicing you're learning to make mistakes, you need to practice flawlessly to play flawlessly.

    Ok so I want to make another last point Try to hear your lines before you play it. If you are internally singing your mind and body are in synch much more, you are working towards a unified goal. If you don't and start thinking about what's for tea your job just become 10 times harder. (that happens to me a LOT!)

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    Whilst I'd be the first to give warnings of playing southpaw... I think there is a fair amount of value in your own statement "I even thought of switching to lefty, since my picking is way cleaner there with the same speed (without practicing at all, just switched my guitar around and tried it )."

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