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Thread: Getting deeper into rock and metal (seriously...)

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    Getting deeper into rock and metal (seriously...)

    I've played guitar for years, but for the past two years I've focused pretty much exclusively on jazz. I can read music, work my way through chordal melodies and leads and have no issues playing in all the keys in all the positions.

    In truth though, I'm ready for a change of pace. I'd really like to get my arms around playing a few classic rock/metal tunes. Before I just sit down with youtube and try to work them out, I'm curious if there is an online guitar school focused on rock/metal that'd help me progress toward playing some rock stuff like:

    - Panama
    - Blackened
    - Cliffs of Dover

    I think it'd be useful to actually learn this stuff in context rather than just working out the riffs -- which can get tedious and is a bit empty in terms of improvising and moving beyond. In fact, I'd much rather learn how to play and be comfortable with this style versus rip these tunes note for note. When I study jazz, I don't transcribe Joe Pass (although it's certainly a worthy cause), but rather I spend my time trying to understand his songs, what pitch collections work where and so forth (and then do it in all keys).

    So with that in mind, is there an online guitar school or series of lessons available online where I can chip away at this stuff on my own time? Any recommendations appreciated!
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    Honestly, if you're comfortable with relatively harmonically complex jazz stuff, I wouldn't worry about taking "lessons" to learn how to play rock.

    Instead, just go out, watch a few Stevie Ray videos, and focus on beating the shit out of your guitar while you play, like he does. The thing I listen for in a good blues rock player is their "attitude" that comes through the playing, in their pick attack, vibrato, and the way they come together to make the strings scream.

    Honestly, spending an evening with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a cranked up amp playing over blues backing tracks, trying to see how many picks and strings you can destroy in one night, may be the single best thing you can do here.
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    Cliffs of Dover =

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    I don't know much theory, but I can say, with some amount of confidence, that rock/metal don't require the same level of aptitude as jazz. Grab some tabs for the songs you want to check out, and I'm sure you'll be reading between the lines in no time, to see what makes them tick, certainly to a greater understanding than me, and I play that shit all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Its not good advice unless you're doing it while giving it

    If you're that familiar with jazz, it shouldn't be too hard to get into that stuff. Might take a while to get your head around the style changes, but musically it shouldn't be an issue.

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    Fixed that.

    But, really, it's kind of a cliche, but rock is more about the attitude and "feel" of a piece, and to an extent that's true of jazz, it's way less cerebral than jazz is. Just focus on hitting the strings hard. The rest will come.

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    I will say, however, that getting the right feel for something like "Blackend" will be difficult initially when coming from a jazz background - the technique involved isn't something you really would have used before (all downstrokes for 8th note parts, heavy palm muting, etc.)

    Harmonically it shouldn't be difficult. Stylistically it will be challenging.

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    ^To get the hang of the style you just imagine your guitar is a gun and every chug/palm muted gallop is a bullet you are spraying from the automatic rifles you are inexplicably and completely unrealistically dual wielding on your badass 80s action hero rampage.

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