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Thread: Having a blast taking lessons

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    Having a blast taking lessons

    Sorry just sharing this because I'm not sure where else to talk about this!

    So my New Year's resolution was to take lessons and I finally got my self over to the local music store and picked a teacher based on my interests and availability.

    The guy is really nice and it has been a really positive experience.

    I am a beginner and tried many times with videos or magazines to no real success..... aside from a few bars of Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heaven and One and Sanitarium.

    For me I found that I've learned a lot in the last few months.

    For example, I had always been so careful about having my fingers touch on the the frets that I wanted...... not realizing that I can use the fingers to mute strings that I don't want to ring. This has been huge for me. I find that I really have to work on using both hands to help control the unnecessary ringing of other notes.

    I like that he chooses songs that I might like to teach different principles. So stuff like basic chords he used Time of Your Life and to be honest the strumming pattern took some getting used to.

    Basket case for some bar chords.

    Crazy Train, Day Tripper, Pretty Woman (VH) version for some single note stuff.

    Talk Dirty to Me for palm muting.

    Paranoid for hammer ons.

    Having someone hear you play has been really helpful. For example, with Pretty woman I was rushing and not allow the notes to ring making the song sound like I was playing in a staccato style.

    A lot of these songs have some overlaps/similarities which is neat because it means even though I am trying a new riff I am building on skills that I have been practicing from the week before.

    Somewhere down the line I would like to learn more about theory but right now I am happy working on controlling what string are heard and increasing my dexterity and confidence.

    Anyways, I'm finding that he's giving me tips and pointers that I rarely see mentioned in videoes or books so for me it has been valuable.

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    That's excellent, man. It sounds like you really are developing a good knowledge of some of the important techniques used on guitar, and critical listening facilities to hear them being used in other songs.

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    Thanks! Even stuff i wouldn't know like...... i was really digging into the string while palm muting a rhythm and he pointed out thst it sounds better when you hold the pick a bit more loosely and eased up on the strumming.I feel fifiner points like this stuff sometimes are over looked in online lessons.

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    Man, when I first started taking lessons, it opened my eyes like no other musical experience has. It refined my playing(can only polish a turd so much!) and helped me develop the skill of self teaching, and helped me learn what little nuances and difference approaches to techniques other players use. My teacher moved away, and I tried skype lessons from very good guitarists - more importantly good teachers - but it just isn't the same as an in person lesson, so I haven't had a lesson in months.

    Now I just need to set aside time to practice
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Glad to hear it man! I always tell my musician friends to take lessons, it always helps. At any skill level you still need to be learning, and learning from a book isn't like learning from another person. Happy to hear it's paying off for you!
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    I remember hearing stories thst when randy Rhoads came to a new town on tour he would get out a phone book and look for a teacher to keep learning.

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