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Thread: Favorite YouTube channels?

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    Favorite YouTube channels?

    I watch a lot of YouTube vids for lessons and tips on playing, etc. Ben Eller's and Axe of Creation are a couple I really like. Pete Cottrell is one I like to just watch him play. Ola's and Jared Dines are a couple I subscribe to as well.
    What are some of your favorites that I can check out?
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    Scott's Bass Lessons

    One of mine, especially since I primarily play bass these days.
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    Don't everybody speak up at once.

    C'mon, surely you guys have some favorite channels you like to check out

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    Drew and Lee from this forum are a good start, and who doesn't love Rob Scallon?




    None of these really have anything to do with theory or playing, they're just all great musicians

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    Oh, and this guy just flat-out sucks:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    Oh, and this guy just flat-out sucks:


    You're a damn good player. I've seen Drew and Lee's channels before, all of you have good chops. I like Rob Scallon too. Sometimes I just like to watch other people play, get ideas on things I can work on.

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    I follow a couple, not only guys that play but also for reviews or demos.

    He does lengthy videos and talks about music and gear in a general way, shows off some guitars he has or some gear. Its basically what i call hanging around for a couple of beers and discuss Guitars. I like it

    Australian guy that has some of the most amazing covers I ever heard, he does not only play them but sometimes we have the feeling we are listening to the original guy playing guitar, he captures nuances in such a manner its a pleasure to watch those videos, especially for the more known songs, Check the Van Halen, Maiden, Lamb of God covers.

    -Rick Graham
    Well... the dude is an amazing player and can really shred and he was now some kind of learning how to shred channel

    -Pete Thorn
    For the amazing reviews/demos and great tunes he makes up for them

    -Sam Deeks
    English guys that has very long videos on how he setups Guitars on his small shop. We basically see it all, disassemble of the Guitar, Adjusting the Neck, Fixing Fret, Issues with wiring etc. He has videos of hundreds of Guitars and talks about the construction quality and small issues that can fixed (or not). I find it a very informative channel.

    -Charlie Parra del Riego
    Great guitar player from Peru. He does comparison style videos (Metal vs Punk) or "metalizes" famous TV Shows themes or even video games.

    -Pete Cotrrell
    English guitar player show some songs, demos gear.

    -Nick in the States
    American guy that has extremely informative and playing videos of Cheap guitars and he seems to be promoting Harley Benton's for their value attending what they cost. To him they are more than worth it and they rival 3-4x times more expensive guitars, and since not all of us have acess or can buy the top of the line I got interested when searching for Harley Benton reviews and found the channel.

    -David Escobar
    Nice How to Solos from know tunes with tabs

    French dude that reviews Tons of stuff. Dude is a bit crazy and it can get a bit over the top sometimes but he reviews and compares to A-B and C

    Then there's the usual Ola Englund, Tone King, Ryan Bruce, Chapman, Keith Merrow that everybody already knows

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