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Thread: Learning a set-list.

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    Learning a set-list.

    Without giving away too many details, I've got an audition on Thursday for a gigging band. I've learned the three audition songs they've given me and am perfectly comfortable with them, but am already thinking about learning the rest of the set-list as quickly as possible if this goes OK, as gigs are already lined up for later this year.

    The music isn't stupidly complicated (it's mostly pretty arpeggios, crunchy powerchords and the occasional melodic lead), but I was just wondering if any of the guys here who gig regularly have tips for speeding up the memorisation process? How do you usually plan out the learning process when you have a new set to learn?
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    I typically just hammer through it!

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    hopefully I can find backing tracks for everything then I just load them up play through them over and over until I can do it with zero thought, if no backing tracks I just load it up on YT and rip through it that way.. Then you are ready to kick ass.

    I like to get them down as though I had written the songs myself, I'm kind of a perfectionist that way. Never been real fond of making a fool of myself in public, when it comes to guitar that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    I typically just hammer through it!
    Yup. When I had to learn all the Sparrows songs, I just sat down with them and went through them one by one. Once I had the second one mostly down, I'd play through the first and go back to the second. I'd also ask for help on anything I couldn't figure out on my own (as it's all original stuff).
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    Wirelessly posted

    Another vote for hammer through, I'll usually break down bits I don't nail into more more manageable chunks and grind away at them until they click.

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    Put all the songs on yOur iPod and listen to them every waking moment. Learning the song structures and changes is just as important as learning the individual parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt C View Post
    Put all the songs on yOur iPod and listen to them every waking moment. Learning the song structures and changes is just as important as learning the individual parts.
    This in terms of getting them into your head. When I've had to learn long set before (2.5hrs+), I would start with maybe 3 or 4 tracks and figure them out on the first night, run over them again on the second night to see what I've retained, by the third night they would be pretty well in there so I would start on the next batch whilst consolidating the first lot. I would also recommend recording them to learn, something about hearing yourself playing what you're trying to learn seems to help speed it up, I found that hearing myself playing it helped me to visualise my hand position.

    I also found the quality of the composition helps, I did a session last year sometime where all the music had been written by the bass player and it was near impossible to learn as the music just made no sense. All of those little 'Guitar brain' tricks that we all default to weren't there and the structures made zero sense.

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    First is what Crooks said. If you're a good player (which you certainly are), it's surprising how much our brains and bodies can figure out and provide the guitar side of things. The more familiar overall you are with these songs, the easier it's going to be for your brain to "fill in the blanks" with the guitar stuff. You should just listen to them ALL THE TIME. In the car, at work, before bed, during breakfast. You should be able to sing every guitar part, vocal part, and drum fill.

    Secondly, make your practice/memorization strategic and efficient. Figure out what is going to give you the most trouble with each song. Is it some weird chord progression? Is it some weird song structure? Is there some notey lick you have to play in unison with the vocals or bass? Once you have an idea of the problem areas, devote a disproportionate amount of your practice time to them. The easier stuff will get picked up along the way.

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