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Thread: Economy Playing - The underappreciated art of playing effortlessly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasmagoria View Post
    What this thread is apparently about is "directional picking" (combining alternate & sweep picking) which is often confused with economy picking (which basically means 'not picking every note' BB King or practically every other blues guy, a lot of shredders & just many guitar players in general..). Economy picking is just that - being economical with your's got nothing to do with sweep picking specifically..
    Exactly. And please be advised, the instruction mentioned was an exercise in coming to grips with the awkwardness of the style. It affords you breaks without punishing you harshly for much inconsistency. Hell, it's a glorified Paul Gilbert lick, only not approaching it with the tacky awkwardness of alternate picking it... which would impose quite a few technical limitations. Not only that, but the beauty of incorporating economy technique, is it doesn't take you out of your "creative flow" to where you are really less playing and more just barely struggling to get to the end of a bar; See my original post, it just isn't the way things should be done imo.

    Can I take the time to address what I find to be a huge fallacy in the guitar community? This silly idea(or some variation of) that "this just works for me"/"do what works for you"/"do what is comfortable". I mean, I COULD hand-scythe down a wheat field, but just because I can't operate a John Deere doesn't make the former practical. It just means I'm squandering opportunities to make it easier.

    Keep in mind, there are genre staples and stylistic reasons not to play something practically or even sensibly (see everything to do with traditional blues), but this is not what I'm arguing against. Just wanted to put that out there in case that strawman pops up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend 7 Strings of Hate View Post
    Soooo, I thought alternate picking was hitting the note with a down stroke then an up stroke. Then you guys are talking about economy picking, which I thought was basically sweeping picking. Are you refering to these 2 different things as the same thing?

    And for that lick in the first post. I find playing down up down up ect. JUST as valid as this down up down down up business. I can do it either way and one isn't any faster than the other. I don't get the point. Seems purely like a playing style choice.
    Sweeping is exactly that: sweeping.

    This crops up a bit, so it is worth pointing out that many people see it as two clashing schools of thought, when in reality they are both just tools at your disposal to make your job easier.

    With that said, it is called economy for a reason. Especially when it comes to guitar, I don't like to speak in absolutes, but there are just times where the economy approach wins hands down. It goes beyond a stylistic preference imo, but it's purely situational. There are times where it is highly impractical.

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