Hey guys, this guitar has gone around here a couple times, and I've even bought it twice (sold it the first time to fund a vacation, missed it a crapton and bought it again).

I'm really gassing for a custom Carvin 7, so I'm doing everything I can to raise some funds for it.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:
-Ibanez RG7621. Condition 8.5/10 (9 to the nonpicky). There are chips to the finish, however given the swirl it's very difficult to identify them (the chips usually turn out white/grey and kind of blend in). The input jack has always been a bit slippery, meaning that when you plug in, the cord doesn't always like to stay inserted completely (the actual input jack is solid, it doesn't move around. With the way I play, it was never an issue, due to routing the cord inside the guitar strap as you SHOULD anyway to prevent yanking it out). The input could be a simple fix of just opening it and tightening something, I don't know. Was like that when I first bought it.

Modifications (if any):
-First the obvious, a Herc Fede swirl paintjob (black/white). I didn't know it was Herc Fede until I removed the neck to mail it across the country, but that was a pretty sweet surprise.
-DiMarzio Evolution in the bridge, and a custom-wound DiMarzio pickup that was in Ryan Shuck's Yamaha guitar (it's supposed to be modeled after the Air Norton 7).
-A killswitch in place of the tone pot (installed by someone else after I sold it the first time).
-The fretboard has been dyed ebony (again, by that person), however it was a bit of a messy job so there IS trace amounts of the dye on the back of the neck (not a huge deal, may be removable, it's never bothered me).
-The nut was replaced with a graphite nut (previous owner), they did not glue it in so when you remove the strings, the nut is removable as well. Never had any issues with this. When the strings are on it, it's 100% firmly in place. I actually kind of liked having it removable.
-White DiMarzio cliplock installed. Compliments the paint scheme well.

Accessories (hardshell case etc): No case.
Location (City,State or City,Country): Yuba Cita, CA. If you're in the NorCal local area, feel free to stop by and take a look at it, jam on it if you want.
Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me here, or email me at nekofrog@gmail.com (preferably here).
References Required (eBay or other forum userid): Positive i-trader here (dealt with most of the big posters here)
Price (include currency and if firm/obo): $400+$30 shipping. If local, $400 straight up.

I would be happy to field any and all questions you may have.

Slight scuff on the side of the headstock (the top is light reflection, not damage)

This is an example of one of the few chips to the body that I could find. You literally have to run your hand over it just to find it, because it looks like part of the finish.

This is the dye on the back of the neck that I mentioned. Never looked into fixing it because it never affected playability.

Two small dings on the back of the headstock.