This gutiar was comissioned by a local musician who then dissappeared after he dropped the deposit... ( i found out later he got evicted and was rumoured to be in jail....)

After three years.. I think its safe to say I got shafted..

Genuine Honduran Mahogany body maple neckthru macassar headstock cap.
Ebony board MOP side dots no face inlay, polished bone nut
25" scale 14" Radius 24 frets
Locking bridge with string thru
single duncan JB with the proper 250K volume pot
black PPG paint

D shaped neck

This thing does neck dive a bit.. I think due to the location of the neck strap button (in the Les Paul position), wich I argued against.. moving the button to the back of the neck heel should solve this. No biggie, and I will do it free of charge, but it will leave a blemish where the original location was after it is filled and painted.

I just used a wide leather strap and that solved the problem as the dive really isn't that bad, but it IS worth mentioning.

Comes with a hardshell case

Because its a "used" guitar and does have the neck dive issue i'm asking $750 plus shipping for it.