This one is in EXCELLENT condition. Trying to thin out the herd and this is one that's just sitting in its case. 9.9/10 condition

Guitar Features:

*Carved alder body
*Gloss finish
*Bolt-on maple neck
* Exclusive radial neck joint
*Ebony fingerboard
*Stainless steel frets
*Parker custom-cast aluminum vibrato bridge and stainless steel saddles
*HSS Pickup configuration:
*Seymour Duncan SSL neck and middle single-coil, TB14 bridge humbucker
*Reverse-wound/reverse-polarity middle pickup for hum-free 2nd and 4th switch positions
*5-way mag pickup selector
*Custom Fishman piezos and stereo voltage-doubled pre-amp
*Custom Parker vibrato system
*Sperzel® Trim-Lok™ tuners
*5 lbs.
*Parker Hardshell Case

References: DaveP(Fractal Audio Forum), cameron711(Fractal Audio Forum), lyoto_machida(JP Forum)
Ebay UN: soilborn12

Price: $1550 Shipped & PP Gift