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Thread: PRS SE / Bluesy strat or such

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    PRS SE / Bluesy strat or such

    Hi guise,

    (First: I live in Finland, so unless you're willing to bring it here or ship...)

    So, unloaded a guitar, looking for a replacement. Wanting a PRS SE Mikael Åkerfeldt or such, or a strat or such that's cool for rock/blues. Something... traditional. Budget? Well, the PRS mentioned is about 680 euros shipped to my front door, so take that as a guideline. I don't have to spend all that, mind you

    Anyways, hit me with what you got. Payment via PayPal, if you have better ideas, I'm cool with it. I've done business before on ss.org, here's a link: Varjo (In case the link won't work, my username is the same at ss.org)


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    hey you pay shipping i got a great strat I'm looking to sell

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarmcd View Post
    hey you pay shipping i got a great strat I'm looking to sell
    One post, no pictures, no references, and signed up here just to reply to this thread? No.

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